Nutri-Energetic Systems (NES)

Imagine that in just seconds, you could have a thorough and holistic view of the issues that prevent you from experiencing wellness. Imagine being able to see the big picture right before your eyes and knowing how to begin untangling wellness challenges one step at a time.
Well imagine no more. The NES Provision quantum scan quickly assesses the informational patterns of your energy field, looking for distortions that prevent wellness. And it does this in the right sequence, peeling back “the layers of the onion” one at a time.
NES Provision is a bio-energetic health assessment tool that analyzes the body energy field. It is simple to use, easy to understand, and provides a noninvasive assessment of the body-field’s structures with comprehensive reports. The scanning process, which takes only seconds, is simple and the results are reliable. NES Provision identifies blockages or distortions within the body’s energy field, determines the severity of the distortions, and provides recommendations for correction.

Based on the scan, energy remedies (Infoceuticals) are used to correct distortions in your body-field. When this field is accurate, the body can eliminate toxins and pursue its natural wellness process while the emotions become more balanced as well. The results of the scan can be astonishing and with a commitment to using the Infoceuticals, wellness can become your reality.

Please read the client brochure for a detailed explanation of NES ProVision.

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