Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine combines sound science, ancient and traditional wisdom, and intuition to support health through your body’s natural processes. For thousands of years before the first pharmaceuticals, humanity has known that herbs (plants and plant parts) support healing and wellness. Most modern drugs, in fact, were developed from healing plants. Ironically, though, modern medicines can be less therapeutic than the natural plants they were derived from. That’s because the very process of extracting, synthesizing and refining single chemicals from plants can strip away compounds that made the plant so effective and alter the therapeutic actions of others.

My intention is to support or encourage your body’s innate, natural healing processes through the use of herbs, herbal remedies, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. I treat people, not diseases. I look at your energetics, or how your body’s energy and emotional symptoms present themselves. This is because while pharmaceuticals are standardized, people aren’t. Two people with the same disease may present with very different energetics and would therefore need different herbal remedies to nudge their bodies back towards healing and wholeness.

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