Reading is Believing

Suspected sciatica brought me to my first experience with Karen’s amazingly freeing massage. I could actually feel blocked areas all over my body open up and release tension as she used the perfect balance of pressure and guided awareness. SM

Upon leaving the 60-minute session, I felt lighter, straighter and even the sun seemed brighter! A week later, my body remembers and reminds me to lengthen my spine and relax my shoulders as I breathe in healing energy. I strongly recommend this therapy as a powerful body-mind connector.

– S. M.

My PTSD kept me isolated from my family and friends. The only feelings I experienced in life were pain and numb. I could not sleep. Anxiety and panic were my constant companions. I was losing the ability to be in control of my life. After 6 months of working with Karen, I came to experience deep and restful sleep, my anxiety was no longer controlling my life, and I was able to experience a sense of joy in my life. This is the beginning of an awesome journey home to myself.

– K. W.

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