Nutrition & Herbs

Herbal medicine uses sound science, ancient and traditional wisdom and intuition to support health through the body’s natural processes. An herb is a plant or any of its parts used to support healing and wellness. Herbs differ from pharmaceuticals, in that they are not synthesized.


Nutri-Energetic Systems
NES ProVision is a bio-energetic health assessment tool that analyzes the body energy field. NES ProVision is simple to use and easy to understand. It provides is a noninvasive assessment of the body-field’s structures and provides comprehensive reports. The scanning process, which takes only seconds, is simple and the results are reliable. NES ProVision identifies blockages or distortions within the body’s energy field, determines the severity of the distortions, and provides recommendations for correction.

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The Theragem represents the marriage of ancient knowledge and traditional uses of gem stones for healing with twenty-first century technology using low level light and frequency.Crystal light Therapy (also known as dielectric resonance) uses a blend of wave frequency, color, light and crystalline energy to rebalance the body on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. The Theragem naturally encourages the body to release vital hormones and endorphins. These relieve pain, boost localized healing and shift negative moods

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We all know how great a massage makes us feel. It reduces tension and anxiety and gives us a sense of well being. Did you know that massage benefits every organ system in the body? These systems include the nervous system, circulatory and lymphatic systems, skeletal and muscle systems, integumentary system (skin), respiratory, endocrine, digestive and urinary systems. Massage can reduce fatigue, stress, chronic muscle tension and pain. It can increase the healing time of injured muscles and improve posture. Circulation is improved and blood pressure is decreased. Massage promotes better sleep and improves concentration. Our entire well being is improved by this simple ancient art of touch.

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