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Testimonial for The Wright Touch, LLC from K.W.

“My PTSD kept me isolated from my family and friends. The only feelings I experienced in life were pain and numb. I could not sleep. Anxiety and panic were my constant companions. I was losing the ability to be in control of my life. After 6 months of working with Karen, I came to experience deep and restful sleep, my anxiety was no longer controlling my life, and I was able to experience a sense of joy in my life. This is the beginning of an awesome journey home to myself.” KW

Testimonial for The Wright Touch, LLC from S.M.

“Suspected sciatica brought me to my first experience with Karen’s amazingly freeing massage. I could actually feel blocked areas all over my body open up and release tension as she used the perfect balance of pressure and guided awareness. SM

Upon leaving the 60-minute session, I felt lighter, straighter and even the sun seemed brighter! A week later, my body remembers and reminds me to lengthen my spine and relax my shoulders as I breathe in healing energy. I strongly recommend this therapy as a powerful body-mind connector.” S.M.

The Wright Touch, LLC Holistic Approaches to PTSD and Trauma

Holistic Approaches to PTSD and Trauma

One of my passions is working with clients who have experienced trauma in their lives and are embarking on a journey towards health and wholeness. I focus on balancing the body’s energy field, nervous system, endocrine system and digestive system. On my own journey towards wholeness after trauma, I found that proper nutrition, Clinical Herbs, Craniosacral Therapy, Nutri-Energetic Systems Provision (NES) and Therapeutic Massage played a critical role in my recovery. Today, I am able to sleep again, connect with people, experience joy in my life, and no longer feel that persistent low grade background anxiety that use to control my life.

My clients with PTSD have reported an improved ability to:

  • — Walk through life with calm and ease;
  • — Face challenging situations without freezing;
  • — Move from isolation to connection and intimacy;
  • — Let go of anxiety and embrace calm and relaxation;
  • — No longer feel numb and experience joy and pleasure;
  • — Be free of nightmares and intrusive memories from the past.
  • — Create healthy connections and feel alive again;
  • — Have and maintain healthy boundaries;
  • — Be mentally clearer, sharper, more focused;
  • — Know the difference between old fear & present reality;
  • — Experience greater energy

Yahoo! Now seeing clients in Spotsylvania and Richmond

Your requests have been heard!

I am now seeing clients at the following locations in addition to my main office in Woodford, Virginia.

10411 Courthouse Road, Suite E, Spotsylvania, VA 22553

8401 Mayland Drive, Suite L, Richmond, Virginia 23294

My telephone number remains the same: 804-448-9955. Please call if you would like to make an appointment at any of my locations.