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The Veterans Resiliency Holistic Clinic was interviewed by Richmond Independent Radio (WRIR). Please enjoy the interview, and many thanks to our two brave and articulate veterans who shared their experiences.

Karen Henderson of the VRHC wins the 2018 American Herbalists Guild Community Service Award for her work with the Veterans Resiliency Holistic Clinic

PTSD sufferer creates service to help veterans – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Battling Pill Fatigue, Military Veterans Turn to Massage, CST, and Reflexology for PTSD Relief.

Veterans Resiliency Holistic Clinic

​The Veterans Resiliency Holistic Clinic supports veterans who have experienced the wounds of war. We help to restore inner balance and increase resiliency in your life. We use a variety of holistic modalities to help relax the nervous system and allow the discharge of “survival” energies that can keep people “stuck” in the traumatic event. All veterans and their family members are welcome!

Veterans Resiliency Holistic Clinic - Richmond, VA & Greater DC Area

Visit http://www.veteransresiliency.com/ to find out more.

The Wright Touch, LLC Holistic Approaches to PTSD and Trauma

Holistic Approaches to PTSD and Trauma

One of my passions is working with clients who have experienced trauma in their lives and are embarking on a journey towards health and wholeness. I focus on balancing the body’s energy field, nervous system, endocrine system and digestive system. On my own journey towards wholeness after trauma, I found that proper nutrition, Clinical Herbs, Craniosacral Therapy, Nutri-Energetic Systems Provision (NES) and Therapeutic Massage played a critical role in my recovery. Today, I am able to sleep again, connect with people, experience joy in my life, and no longer feel that persistent low grade background anxiety that use to control my life.

My clients with PTSD have reported an improved ability to:

  • — Walk through life with calm and ease;
  • — Face challenging situations without freezing;
  • — Move from isolation to connection and intimacy;
  • — Let go of anxiety and embrace calm and relaxation;
  • — No longer feel numb and experience joy and pleasure;
  • — Be free of nightmares and intrusive memories from the past.
  • — Create healthy connections and feel alive again;
  • — Have and maintain healthy boundaries;
  • — Be mentally clearer, sharper, more focused;
  • — Know the difference between old fear & present reality;
  • — Experience greater energy